June 2023 Newsletter

Our Rock is Gone

12-13-1955 to 05-26-2033

Over the Memorial Day weekend 2023, we lost a key Soul’s Harbor contributor to cancer. Allan was 67 years old and a few days short of being 8 years sober. The son of a NASA rocket scientist, Allan earned a chemistry degree from the University of Texas in Austin. He was one of the smartest men that I have ever met. He developed a program to track our 70+ men as they progressed through our 6-month substance abuse holistic program. He also wrote a program that managed our past residents since 2009. But the real software masterpiece that Allan developed was the routing program that our dispatch office uses today to route our 4 box trucks through the 7,000 square miles of North Texas roads. The program minimizes fuel costs and maximizes the number of pickups. Allan was a true genius.

Yet even with his very high IQ, Allan led many Alcoholic Anonymous Big Book studies during his 8 years stay at Soul’s Harbor. He was able to talk about addiction in the simplest terms. His heart was as big as his brain.

Allan, you were our rock, and we surely miss you. I know you are smiling down from heaven now and your legacy will always be remembered.

Thank you for being a big part of Soul’s Harbor.

Dusting off the Vocal Cords

Each spring, Soul’s Harbor has a talent show where any resident ca enter. We have dancers, pianists, magicians, singers, comedians, and many other talents being displayed. All our men look forward to this special evening. This year we had 4 acts that were neck to neck finishers. However, the person who received the most applause was Dusty, our new dispatch manager. He belted the song “Debra” by Beck and captivated everyone who attended our Talent Show. Congratulations to Dusty who won $40 and got his name enshrined on the Talent Show Plaque, which hangs right outside the dispatch office.

We need your help…

Soul’s Harbor homeless shelter is supported solely by our four thrift stores. You can donate your household items via phone (972-286-1940) or our “Household Donation Request Form” page. We also take automobiles “Vehicle Donation Request Form“. So if you have old clothes, furniture, appliances, household items, or even a car to donate to Soul’s Harbor, either fill out our online form or call our dispatch office at 972-286-1940. Our dispatch office is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We are sustained solely through our four thrift store sales. We rely on your donated items to support our shelter. At Soul’s Harbor, we would like to thank all our customers that donate their items and also our thrift store customers. Because without our customers, there would be no Soul’s Harbor.

Thank you and God Bless.
Brent Sig
Brent Burmaster
Executive Director of Soul’s Harbor Homeless Shelter

For information regarding intake/admission into our recovery facility, please contact:

Dispatch Representative
Soul’s Harbor, Inc.
13134 Nile Drive
Dallas, Texas 75253
972.286.5282 Fax

Soul’s Harbor Substance Abuse Program Questions and Intake
Please contact our intake Manager
Cell number 214-663-9684

New Online Donation Processing:
Soul’s Harbor, Inc.
13134 Nile Drive
Dallas, Texas 75253
972.286.5282 Fax

Soul’s Harbor can now provide the convenience of taking your donation request online. Just follow the link to our online “Household Donation Request Form”. We are also now taking vehicle donations and have an online donation processing form for this too. “Vehicle Donation Request Form”

To help Soul’s Harbor financially you can donate by clicking the donate button.

Thank you so much for your financial consideration. Note, your tax-deductible contributions may also be submitted through PayPal to donate@soulsharbordallas.org.*Please note: Users of Internet Explorer 8 and above may experience difficulties with our PayPal “Donate” button. Please access PayPal directly to make a financial contribution to Soul’s Harbor, Inc. Thank you!