Turning Hate into Love…

Turning Hate into Love…

Hi, I am Tim and I’m an alcoholic. I have been sober and clean for over 4 years. That’s me on the right with Jack Repp, a holocaust survivor. I will get to that part later in my story.

My story starts with my parents who were born in Ireland but moved to San Antonio and had 5 sons in Texas. I was the youngest. My Dad was a workaholic and was a provider financially but not there emotionally. Unfortunately, 3 of my brothers died in their early teenage years to muscular dystrophy. I was very close to my brother Sean and this was a devastating blow to me. My mother was distraught over the death of her 3 sons and was fighting depression. My Dad soon divorced my mom and I was left alone since my mom was not there for me. To fight the emotional pain, I started drinking at 13 years old. By 14, I was homeless and by 15, I was selling drugs to support myself. I was also shoplifting and breaking into cars and soon quit school. Lucky for me, a family took a liking to me and started to look after me. I got my life back in order, finished high school, and started attending Southwest Texas in San Marcos. I got married and was an absentee Dad like my father. I was drinking and started to do cocaine. Because of my drinking, I got divorced and then remarried again. I started to rack up the DWIs – had 4 and started to go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I was 6 years clean and sober and got very complacent. Quit going to AA meetings, quit calling my sponsor, and quit hanging around my sober friends. One day, I decided to drink because I thought I could control it. The first day, I had 3 drinks, the second day I got really drunk and on the third day, I got my 5th DWI. I headed straight to Texas prison and got a 12-year sentence. I did 8 years and paroled to Soul’s Harbor. Because of my upbringing and being in prison for so long, I developed racist ideas. At Soul’s Harbor, they taught me about love and that we are all children of God – no matter race, creed, or sexual orientation. A couple of months ago, I went to the Holocaust Museum in Dallas to work on my racist tendencies. I met Jack Repp, a Holocaust survivor, and we clicked right away. I can also say that my best friend is Terry, a black man who I met at Soul’s Harbor. Soul’s Harbor has helped me reconnect with my family, land a great job and throw away my prejudice. Thank you Soul’s Harbor for a life that I could never imagine.

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