Town Hall

Every week, the Executive Director, Brent Burmaster, provides a “Town Hall” meeting to all the residents at Soul’s Harbor.  The topics that are covered in the Town Hall are:

1. Recovery (like the video shown below)

2. Work Therapy and Thrift Store business

3. Residential matters like curfew, special events, and other day to day things

Also in the Town Hall meeting, Brent will present the “Resident of the Month” award to the resident who has done an outstanding job. Brent will also hand out diplomas for residents that have completed the 6-month program.  Residents are encouraged to use this meeting as an open forum to ask questions or comment about situations at Soul’s Harbor.  Brent also has an “open door” policy which allows residents, in a private setting, to come and talk with Brent in his office about any issue that the residents would like to discuss.

If time permits, a fun trivia question game follows, the “Town Hall” meeting, where residents are rewarded with cash for answering the trivia.  The residents are challenged with questions regarding aspects of recovery, Soul’s Harbor history, and pretty much anything of general trivia.

Below is a Recovery Topic at one of our “Town Hall” Meetings

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New Online Donation Processing:
Soul’s Harbor can now provide the convenience of taking your donation request online. Just follow the link to our new online “Household Donation Request Form”. We are also now taking vehicle donations and have an online donation processing form for this too. “Vehicle Donation Request Form”

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