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The men of Soul’s Harbor want to invite you to a movie screening of “The Meanest Man in Texas” with a Q & A discussion and reception following the film. The presentation is to be held at the Angelica Film Center Dallas, Thursday August 24th at 7:00pm.

Based on the book, “The Meanest Man in Texas” is the true story of Clyde Thompson. In 1928, near Cisco, Texas, a young Clyde finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong company. A fight breaks out, and after shooting two men in self-defense, Clyde is convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. Just hours before execution by electric chair, the Governor spares him the death penalty, and sentences Clyde to life in prison. Before he is shipped off to the Texas Prison Farm to serve hard labor, where he gains the moniker “The Meanest Man in Texas.” After several escape attempts, 2 more murders, he becomes unruly, and the Captain of the Guards locks him away in solitary confinement in an old prison morgue. With three life sentences and no hope, he finally learns redemption, and his life changes. He corresponds, and eventually falls deeply in love with a woman, Julia Perryman, who is also a prisoner of her physical handicap, scoliosis. Through their love of each other, and faith, they each find freedom.

Mateus Ward (Murder in the First, Hostages, Weeds) is Clyde Thompson aka “The Meanest Man in Texas.”
Jamie McShane (Argo, Avengers, Bloodline) as Captain Jack Colt.
Alexandra Bard (The Curse of Sleeping Beauty) as Julia Perryman
Casey Bond (Moneyball, I Saw the Light) as Marvin Harper
Ben Reed (American Sniper) as Rees Thompson
Richard Riehle (Transformers, Office Space) as Mr. Kilpatrick
James Morrison (24, Falling Down, Those Who Kill, Blue) is The Sheriff
Michael Monks (Street Kings, Air Force One, Entourage) is O.B. Ellis
Isabella Acres (The Kicks, Hello, My Name is Doris) is Ruthie Welsey

Justin Ward owned a theater company in Santa Barbara before moving to LA to work for Mick Jagger’s film company Jagged Films.  Ward went on to work with some incredibly talented filmmakers, such as Terrence Malick, Robert Redford, Patrick Markey, James L. Brooks, Richard Donner, Ron Shelton, Jon Amiel, and Norman Jewison, to name a few.  Ward has produced and directed music videos, extreme sports television, documentaries, travel series, food series, theatrical trailers, Lexus & Waldorf Astoria Ad Campaigns, and commercials.  In 2011, he created, executive produced and directed 10 episodes of ROCK STARS for National Geographic.   This is Justin Ward’s feature film directorial debut.

Brad Wilson & Casey Bond are the producers behind the film. Brad Wilson began an 11-year alliance with Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall, operating ROBERT DUVALL PRODUCTIONS in New York and went on to produce 20 films. Casey was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2007 as a Center Fielder after his senior year at Lipscomb University. He played professionally for two years before moving on to his next goal in life, a successful career in the entertainment industry.  As an actor, Casey was in Moneyball with Brad Pitt, and My Man Sons, which he produced with Brad Wilson.

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