If Boyd can’t fix it, it cannot be fixed!

Hi. I am Boyd, and I am an alcoholic. By the grace of God, my sponsor, Joe, and the holistic recovery program at Soul’s Harbor, I have been clean and sober for 5 years.

Let me start from the beginning. I was born in Dallas, and unfortunately for me, I had a father who was an alcoholic. I remember my Dad telling me to fetch a beer out of the refrigerator, and at an early age he told me to take a sip out of the new cold beer. By the time I was 14 years old, I was drinking and getting drunk with my classmates. By high school, I was drinking regularly with my Wilmer-Hutchins High School buddies. I graduated, and I attended mechanic school for 2 years. I then worked for my mechanic accreditation, which took 4 years.

I was a mechanic for a while and got the traveling bug, which lead me to getting my commercial driver’s license. I was driving 18 wheelers coast to coast, but my new job really interfered with my drinking. I started drinking and driving, which weighed on my conscience. I decided to quit truck driving and went back to being a mechanic.

At this time, my drinking escalated. I never drank on the job, but before I showed up for work, I would drink to take the edge off. In 1998, I found myself homeless and made my first of many visits to Soul’s Harbor. There really wasn’t much to the substance abuse program at Soul’s Harbor at that time. I could not stay sober.

In 2009, when I came back to Soul’s Harbor for the seventh time, I noticed something different—AA meetings with sponsors. I left Soul’s Harbor and got a job. But soon after my 1st paycheck, I was drunk again, holed up in a hotel room and down to my last dollar. I had a choice. Either I spent the dollar and called Brent at Soul’s Harbor or I spent the dollar on beer. Thankfully, I chose to call Soul’s Harbor. They brought me in and required that I get a sponsor and work the Steps. I have been sober since April 2012, and my life is so much better. I have my friends and am truly happy, joyous, and free of alcohol and drugs.

This is Brent writing now…
Boyd is one of the humblest people in the world. I want to brag about Boyd. His long-term recovery is a great example of the new guy that walks through the doors of Soul’s Harbor. He works harder than anyone at Soul’s Harbor, including me. Besides being the auto mechanic for our 5 trucks and 3 vans, he maintains and fixes our buildings—which many of them are over 60 years old! Boyd is the only person to earn “Resident of the Month” twice at Soul’s Harbor. Boyd saves Soul’s Harbor tens of thousands of dollars each year. Thank you, Boyd, for being part of Soul’s Harbor.

Dispatch Representative/Main Contact Number:
Soul’s Harbor, Inc.
13134 Nile Drive
Dallas, Texas 75253
972.286.5282 Fax

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