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April 2015 Newsletter

Patrick’s new life…


Hi I am Patrick and I am a recovering alcoholic. Thanks to my loving God and Soul’s Harbor, I have been sober for over 2 ½ years. Let me start with my story – 60 years ago this summer, I was born in Arlington, Texas. I grew up in Garland. At age 14, I started my drinking by sneaking liquor and beer from my father. At age 20, my mother died and to deal with the great loss, my drinking escalated. Many mornings I woke up with a hangover. I was a framer by trade, working on tract housing, custom homes and multi-tenant housing. I probably lost 15 jobs – really got fired – because of my drinking. But with the housing boom, I was able to bounce from framing job to framing job. The pay was great. I went through 2 divorces because of my drinking. Being single was fine with me, because now I could drink like I wanted to. In 2009, the housing boom came to an end. I was out of a job and homeless. Because of my drinking, my family wanted nothing to do with me. In 2010, I was at the end of my rope with no hope and no way out of my bottomless pit. I decided to rent a hotel room and take my life. Fortunately, I botched that up and God gave me a second chance on my life. I came to Soul’s Harbor with no money, no family, no friends and no hope. Soul’s Harbor forced me to get a sponsor and work the steps. I really did not want a sponsor and was very skeptical of the twelve steps. Well it turns out, one of my best friends, is my sponsor and because of the 12 steps, as defined in the Alcoholic Anonymous book, I grew closer to a God of my own understanding.   When I came to Soul’s Harbor I thought I was coming to get sober but in reality, I learned to stay sober. I left Soul’s Harbor in September 2013 and got a job driving rental cars for repositioning. The pay is not that great but I am so much happier now than I ever have been during my 40+ years of drinking. I feel like I am 40 years old!!! Thank you Brent and Soul’s Harbor for a wonderful life. God is good… all the time.

Dallas Fire Department to the Rescue


On March 26th, the Dallas Fire Department came with 2 trucks to Soul’s Harbor.  No need to worry, they came delivering much needed furniture for our shelter.  A big “Soul’s Harbor” Thank you to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, our city council member Tennel Atkins, and most importantly, the Dallas Fire Department for donating this furniture to Soul’s Harbor.  Most of the furniture will be used for our 60+ resident’s bedroom area.  Thank you again to the City of Dallas.