Welcome to Soul’s Harbor…

“…Jake knew there was a better way, perhaps a “soul’s harbor” where a man could stay for a spell, think and evaluate his life and maybe do something to make positive changes…”

Established August 2, 1956

Taking Soul’s Harbor Recovery Program to a Higher Level…

Hi, I am Josh and I have been clean and sober since I arrived at Soul’s Harbor over 3+ years ago. Let me back up and tell you where I came from. I was born and raised in rural Arkansas. When I was a teenager, I signed up for Teen Mission out of Florida. Teen Mission sent teenagers overseas to spread the word of Jesus. I was fortunate enough to travel to Delphi, Bonaire, Italy, Switzerland, Venezuela, and Greece. My mission was to build summer Christian youth camps in these countries. After traveling the world, I went back home. In Hot Springs, Arkansas I discovered drugs. Unbeknownst to me, this started my downfall.

In a few years, I was robbing houses to support my drug addiction. I actually stole firearms from a policeman’s house which at the time of the robbery, I was unaware that the habitation was owned by a cop. This led to a 3-year prison sentence with my first introduction to recovery. I thought moving to Abilene after my prison stint would change my behavior. Boy, was I wrong? Because of a previous back injury, I got addicted to painkillers. After running out of money for painkillers, I returned to my old habit of robbing houses. This landed me in Texas prison. After that, I bounced from one rehab to another. I have been in 9 different rehabs.

In March of 2015, I had enough and came to Soul’s Harbor. I found that Soul’s Harbor had a very unique and successful recovery model based on a holistic approach. I started out working in the stores and then became the intake coordinator. I earned practicum hours toward my Peer Recovery Support Specialist State of Texas certification. After that, doors started opening up for me and Soul’s Harbor. I was able to work with the court systems to have inmates assigned to Soul’s Harbor. I worked as the Chairman of Dallas Recovery Oriented Services and was one of the first 25 people certified for Medical Assistant Recovery Services to help people that are affected by the current opioid crisis. I was able to get Soul’s Harbor approved as a national and State of Texas recovery home (NARR and TROHN). Through my connections, I was able to get an “in-house” therapist to come out to Soul’s Harbor and via Skype have our residents talk with a psychiatrist regularly. As Brent said, “Josh has taken Soul’s Harbor recovery program to a higher level”. The future is bright for both me and Soul’s Harbor. Thank you Soul’s Harbor for taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow in the last 3 years.

I can see now…

Last month, Soul’s Harbor teamed up with Prevent Blindness and offered free vision screening to our residents. Besides providing free eye tests, Prevent Blindness provides a free voucher to professional eye care for 25 people at our event. Each voucher is worth anywhere from $250 to $1,000 in professional eye care. Soul’s Harbor has partnered with Prevent Blindness for 3 years. Prevent Blindness has biannual screenings at Soul’s Harbor for the greater Dallas recovery community. A Big Soul’s Harbor “Thank you” to Prevent Blindness for coming out and helping our residents.

Capital Fund Campaign…

Current Funds Raised = $39,870.00

When I came to Dallas 9 years ago, appointed as Executive Director of Soul’s Harbor, I was amazed at its long history of serving homeless men since 1956. But with its legacy, it comes with buildings that needs major renovation or complete replacement. Another issue we have encountered in the last 3 years, is that we are always full and there is a 3 to 4 week waiting period for our 66 beds. This is due to our cutting edge recovery model that takes a holistic approach to helping homeless men with substance abuse addiction.
To address both issues, we have started our Capital Fund Campaign. Pictured above is the proposed layout with a sketch of one of our four new dormitories. This will increase our capacity from 66 beds to over 100 beds. We also have plans to include a new kitchen / dining hall building along with complete renovations of our meeting halls, computer lounge and recreation room.

If you are interested in helping us, please visit our Capital Fund Campaign section on our website:

Also, we have included a short 5 minute video on the Capital Fund Campaign section of our website which will show you the current condition at Soul’s Harbor. Every dollar helps. Please contribute and if you can not donate monetarily, please donate your household items by calling our dispatch office at 972-286-1940.

The men of Soul’s Harbor greatly appreciate your time, your consideration and your pledge.

Thank you, for your support.

Reggie and Soul’s Harbor on local Fox 4 News

Pictured above is our Assistant Director, Reggie Finch at his high school alma mater – Irving MacArthur. Reggie is to the far right with the black t-shirt. Reggie was there for Rock Bottom Outreach and telling his story to the entire high school football team. Tentatively, Reggie’s story will air on local Fox News on a 15-minute segment called “In the Moment” on Friday, May 12th at 9:30 PM. Reggie told his story back in October of last year – from his high school football days at Irving MacArthur to being recruited by Oklahoma University then being homeless because of his drug addiction and finally his amazing recovery which started 7 years ago at Soul’s Harbor.
Thank you, Fox 4 News for telling Reggie’s story.
Watch Reggie’s amazing story on our The Harbor Program Page.

Dispatch Representative/Main Contact Number:
Soul’s Harbor, Inc.
13134 Nile Drive
Dallas, Texas 75253
972.286.5282 Fax

New online donation processing:

Soul’s Harbor can now provide the convenience of taking your donation request online. Just follow the link to our new online “Household Donation Request Form”. We are also now taking vehicle donations and have an online donation processing form for this too. “Vehicle Donation Request Form”

Thank you so much for your financial consideration. Note, your tax-deductible contributions may also be submitted through PayPal to gro.s1532107717allad1532107717robra1532107717hsluo1532107717s@eta1532107717nod1532107717.*Please note: Users of Internet Explorer 8 and above may experience difficulties with our PayPal “Donate” button. Please access PayPal directly to make a financial contribution to Soul’s Harbor, Inc. Thank you!